Flip flop, the clock is ticking

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The most common comfort wear in India is considered to be flip-flops. With a huge coastal line, we have numerous beaches to visit, flip-flops all along. Not only are they commonly used but also frequently purchased. After a tiring day at work, we come home to comfort in our flip flops. Flip flops make your toes feel like they’re on vacation. As much as it is a comfort for us, it is a discomfort for the environment.

With 2 pair per capita consumption of footwear, India is one of the largest consumers of flip flops in the world. However, these flip flops which are currently available in the market are made from PVC or EVA, most commonly. PVC and EVA, are really harmful not only to the human body but also to the environment. In a report by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, it was mentioned that out of the 27 pairs of plastic shoes analysed, 17 contained PVC, which is the most non-recyclable plastic.

These materials have a potential global warming quotient of 3 kilograms of CO2 per kilogram of these materials. Dangerous? It only gets fatal from here. Most products made of PVC retain their form for decades and even if they breakdown, it only occurs in the form of granulation which makes the pieces smaller. Due to additives, it becomes difficult to recycle these products. In fact, some of these additives are known to cause cancer and other lethal diseases.

As above, so is the case with EVA. Though considered a safer alternative to PVC, it was found in research that EVA foam contained formamide, a developmental toxin. With the kind of facility available to dispose of these products, these usually end up either disrupting the ecosystem or, eaten by an animal or aquatic creatures, causing problems to them. However, you should also consider, we might end up consuming our own waste by eating some of these fishes and animals.

Another alternative which is used as a raw material to produce flip flops is leather. Leather is non-vegan and causes animal cruelty apart from causing the most global warming amongst these materials used. Is the clock not ticking too fast? If not these flip flops, what?

CAUCHO has come up with a solution to the aforementioned problem. It brings to you eco-friendly and vegan flip flops. These flip flops are natural and are produced from the rubber sheets made by the process of rubber tapping, which is a natural process and does not harm nature. These are decomposable and environment-friendly, taking only 6 -36 months to degrade. Not only is the raw material natural, but also the colours and the glue. CAUCHO brings you to flip-flops that would not last beyond disposal.


- Blog by Prashant Kaushik 


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