Plastic, if it goes around, it comes around

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“It’s only a straw” said 8 billion people. The number of people saying that is coherent to the number of years after which these straws will still be found in the environment, if not disposed.

How many of us have observed a day without using a plastic product? Our dependence on plastic has not only increased over time but has also brought drudgery onto us. Imagine, if our monarchial leaders from the 15th and 16th century had plastic, as raw material, at their exposal, we would have found their waste yet to be decomposed 5 centuries down the line. One skips a heartbeat after realising the after-effects that this poisonous invention leaves us with. Or does it really leaves us?

From plastic toothbrushes to flip flops, from carry bags to bottles our life is suffocated by plastic. This infiltration in our life is threatening. Products manufactured in an unsupervised environment are available in the market which may lead to altering and damaging the immune system. This dreadful plastic can lead to lethal consequences like birth deficiencies and cancer.

Not only is it affecting us but also our ecosystem. Plastic is non-biodegradable. The majority of the plastic produced cannot be recycled. Climate change is as evident as the rise of the sun. Are we still looking for a clue to act up? In an article published by Michelle Bender on Earth Law Centre, she states “By 2025, there could be 1 ton of plastic for every 3 tons of fish in the ocean”.

Flora, Fauna and Marine life are all under attack because of our lack of urgency. Millions of our living, non-human, buddies’ death has been caused by ingestion of plastic objects. If not today, never. Activists around the globe have been stressing about the effects of climate change on melting glaciers, forest fires and polluted oceans.

Anti-plastic industries have been innovating to provide alternatives that are available for use, it is time we as consumers are aware of it. Paulo Coelho said, “The world is changed by your actions, not by your opinion”.

The situation has been worsening each day. We must cultivate not only green life but our habits as well to accommodate into a bright future. Single-use plastic is used only for a certain period but lasts with you forever. It is quintessential to put the ecosystem before your own comfort. Let us come together and pledge to be a part of the solution and not a part of the pollution.


- Blog by Prashant Kaushik

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