Plastic & You: A Relationship More Toxic Than Your Ex

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Now it’s no lie that everyone globally is more dependent and hung up on the use of plastic than they are on their last relationship which they apparently thought would last forever. However, what definitely will last forever if we don’t take an action against it right now, is the growing use of plastic and the fact that it’s non biodegradable and takes about hundreds of years to decompose.

Like much of the world, India is struggling to dispose its growing quantities of plastic waste given how ubiquitous it has become - from our tooth brushes to debit cards. More so unknowingly, our lives revolve around the single use plastic so much that we’re hardly able to tell the intensity of its harmfulness.

It’s no surprise when we say India generates close to 26,000 tonnes of plastic a day, according to a CPCB estimate from 2012. Worse, a little over 10,000 tonnes a day of plastic waste remains uncollected. The uncollected plastic waste eventually ends up in the natural environment — in our seas and oceans or piling up on our lands. By 2050, the amount of plastic in seas and oceans across the world will weigh more than the fishes. We are in a condition so bad that we cannot afford to overlook the statistics but least start working our bit to educate people about the same.

It’s sad how our first main instinct still is “It’s just one straw.” However, time and time again, human beings have been seeking temporary advantages in spite of a long-term crisis. And now it’s time to face the facts; our ecosystem has been negatively dominated by our introduction of synthetic plastics and the resulting plastic pollution.

Our dependency on plastic is unreal but what we majorly fail to understand is the part and parcel it brings along leading to health issues and diseases we haven’t heard of. The toxic chemicals born out of plastic cause an increased risk of birth defects, obesity, cancer, suppressed immune system and other long term chronic diseases. The havoc that probably doesn’t seem like a greater problem right now will prove to be a disastrous issue in the near future.

We’d rather not beat around the bush and get straight to the point – we use plastic like it’s no big deal and definitely like it’s not the end of the world but by the looks of it, it sure will be the end of the world and not just figuratively!

With our constant team efforts and rational decision making, we can together reach a goal and ensure to make this planet plastic-free one day at a time. Caucho aims to make this world a better place by providing sustainable and environment friendly products while also adding ease and comfort to daily hectic routine life.

That’s about the most win-win situation you can ever get your hands on. You are contributing to a better society by doing your bit to save our environment while not compromising on the best quality of comfort that you can have.


- Blog by Khwahish Sharma

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