Our Story

Our Story

Caucho was born out of the friendship of four friends, and their collective intention to bring something new to the online footwear market in India. During their quest for a unique offering, they came across the idea of creating simple, durable and good-looking flip flops. As they delved deeper into the process of creating these products, they saw just how damaging they usually are to our environment.

In an age where entire continents are on fire and species are being rendered extinct from one day to another, the team at Caucho felt a sense of responsibility to our planet. They approached the idea of flip flops from a new perspective - not as a temporary product that is tossed away without any thought to its impact on the environment, but instead one that was designed in a way that has as little impact as possible.

The ordinary flip flop today comes with its own share of damage to the Earth. Your everyday flip flop is usually made with synthetic materials that are poisonous to the atmosphere when burned, and do not decompose when left in landfills. A large portion of them end up in our oceans, creating death traps for marine life. The need for an eco-friendly alternative is more than just evident, it’s necessary.

And so, the team began their search for the perfect materials right here in India, and eventually made their way to Sri Lanka and Thailand. It was in Thailand that they finally met with farmers who had found a way to create sheets of natural and biodegradable rubber, which turned out to be the perfect base for eco-friendly flip flops.
And that is how Caucho was born.

Our Mission

Caucho's mission is to simply make products that Don’t Do Damage.
Our aim is to approach everyday products with a long-term solution. By replacing plastic and non-recyclable materials, we wish to create a range of products that easily disintegrate when released into the environment. A percentage of our gross sales also go towards the farmers who help our product come to life. This provides them with the means to care for their families, who are currently struggling to make ends meet.


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Caucho is the best barrier against pathogens such as COVID-19 because of its Anti-Bacterial properties.