How its made

Flip-flops are perhaps the choicest footwear world-wide. They're easy, comfortable and discardable. However, most flip-flops available in the market today are made synthetically and are non-biodegradable. This means that each pair of rubber flip-flops that has ever been discarded is still on Earth.

Unlike these flip-flops, Caucho is made with rubber that is harvested using the age-old, natural process of rubber tapping. This process involves collection of latex, a milky fluid that is dispensed when a small cut is made to the bark of the rubber tree. It ensures that the tree is not harmed, and continues to live its life span.

The latex that is extracted, is dried into sheets which are treated to meet with highest compliances. We use these sheets to craft flip-flops of greatest comfort, that leave no trace on the natural world.

The process of making a pair starts in the rubber forests of Thailand. Each pair is therefore a patronage to a farming family. It is also a pledge to a sustainable lifestyle- a way to reduce your negative impact on the planet. Use Caucho, leave footprints that wash away!

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Caucho is the best barrier against pathogens such as COVID-19 because of its Anti-Bacterial properties.