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Don’t let clouded vision stop you from getting your hands on these! They are the perfect shade of gray. Not too dark, not too light - just right. And they’re right for the environment too - all of Caucho’s products are biodegradable and vegan.

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Anti Bacterial

Anti Skid

Bio degradable

Cruelty Free

Softer and Lighter


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Caucho’s packaging is just as eco-friendly as what goes inside it. 
Our bags are made from an all-natural fabric called manjarpat that is sourced locally. The best part about them is that you can use them to carry Caucho with you so that you can change into your flip flops - and step into your comfort zone - any time you feel like. 

Size Chart

Our sizes may slightly vary from the regular sizes. Possible -0.5 cm discrepancy on size measurements.

UK US EU Foot Length (in cm.)
3 4 36 21
4 5 37 22.5
5 6 38 23.5
6 7 39 24
7 8 40 25.2
8 9 41 26
9 10 42 26.8
10 11 43 27.8

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Caucho is the best barrier against pathogens such as COVID-19 because of its Anti-Bacterial properties.