Easy on the earth

Step into sustainability

The ordinary flip flop today comes with its own share of damage to the Earth. Your everyday flip flop is usually made with synthetic materials that are poisonous to the atmosphere when burned, and do not decompose when left in landfills. A large portion of them end up in our oceans, creating death traps for marine life. The need for an eco-friendly alternative is more than just evident, it’s necessary.

Anti Skid

Well equipped to prevent slips and skids.

Anti Bacterial

Keeps your feet away from odour, bacteria & infections.


You can pair them with anything and wear them everywhere .

Bio Degradable

They break down naturally.


No animals are harmed in making of these flip flops.

Light and Soft

Also, lasts longer than your regular flip flops.

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Caucho is the best barrier against pathogens such as COVID-19 because of its Anti-Bacterial properties.